Friday, September 25, 2009

Allergy Concerns in Baby Shampoo?

Have you ever heard of Quaternium 15? Neither had I!  It is an ingredient found in many personal care products, including some baby shampoos and body washes.  This chemical preservative has been shown to be a strong allergen which can cause contact dermatitis.

 Of course not everyone is allergic to this chemical, but it might be wise to avoid products containing it when bathing your newborn.  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which includes founding members Friends of the Earth, the Clean Water Fund, and the Breast Cancer Fund, together with the American Nurses Association,  has called on companies to remove hazardous chemicals from their children's products.

I've recently learned about a company called Earth Mama Angel Baby (don't you love that name!) which offers products which are all pure and natural.  Their goal is to combine the wisdom passed down through generations of women with modern research and testing techniques.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has a lovely and informative website describing their natural, organic, non-toxic products, which include everything from herbal teas for mom to safe, pure lotions for baby.  It's worth visiting the site just to see the beautiful pictures!
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